Monday, 10 March 2008

Thank You, Hartmut Mehdorn...

... for providing shelter in your S-Bahn stations for Berlin's drug dealers and their clientele while the underground stations are barricaded up for the duration of the BVG strike.

... for being so utterly dislikeable that I have no qualms about telling 7-year-old girls worried about the threatened train strike that it's all the bosses' fault. And no, we aren't going to get a car. No, we really can't afford it. Yes, I know most of your friends' parents have cars but we're still not getting one.

... for giving us a jolly good laugh at your syrup on the news last night.

... and for finally getting it together to fully recognise the GdL as a relevant union so that I no longer face the dilemma of whether going to the Leipzig Book Fair by train would be crossing a picket line or not.

Eh? What?

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