Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Events Round-Up

Excitement looms, with three interesting events on the horizon.

1. Übersetzer packen aus at the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin on Thursday night. This time it's a special on dialogue, starring Susanne Mende and Kristof Magnusson. Susanne translates mainly Latin American literature and teaches literary translation in Potsdam. She also writes and runs the Berlin Crime Writing Salon. And Kristof is actually from Iceland, writes plays, prose and essays in German and translates from Icelandic. He looks uncannily like someone I used to work with and is a bugger to translate. I'll be interested to meet him and will be behind the bar as usual.

2. Kraftfeld Moderne at the LCB this coming Monday. John E. Woods presents the translators Doreen Daume, Helmut Frielinghaus und Susanne Höbel on Bruno Schulz and William Faulkner. And perhaps John will bring along his glow-in-the-dark medal to reflect its light on all translators present.

3. Murder Farm at the Goethe-Institut in London on Tuesday. Andrea Maria Schenkel launches the English translation of the out-of-nowhere bestseller Tannöd. Apparently, although the press release doesn't tell you so, her translator Anthea Bell will also be there.

So, Berliners or anyone stuck in boring old London. Get your skates on for some fine translation-related evening entertainment. And don't say I never tell you anything.

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