Monday, 6 October 2008

Links Catchup

What with celebrating German Reunification Day on Friday by working extra-long hours and all the extra stress in the run-up to the book fair, I've now got a backlog of lovely links. So here they all are in one big muddle:

For Londoners: Vienna Café Festival at the Royal College of Art. Two weeks of fin-de-siècle Viennese fun in Kensington (with cake). If you scroll right down to the bottom of the linked page, you'll spot the following event:

Literary Evening: 23 October, 6.30pm - Fiction in Freud's Vienna: a translator's viewpoint, by Anthea Bell and new fiction from Deborah Levy. The Psychopathology of Everyday Café Life: an imagined encounter with objects and subjects in Freud's Vienna.

Presumably they don't have many seats, or they have some other good reason for hiding this little gem away. I'm going!

For translators: Daniel Hahn will be blogging once or week or so on the Booktrust Translated Fiction site as he translates his way through José Eduardo Agualusa's Angolan Portuguese novel Estação das Chuvas. Looks promising.

For international readers: is a virtual library with "the goal of becoming 'The European Forum for Readers'". Most popular book is Bonjour Tristesse. A bit messy perhaps but intruiging. If you like a reader review you can find out where to borrow the book from a library.

For wanderers: The young writer and film-maker Finn-Ole Heinrich is spending three months on the road around Germany. Not just me-me-me blogging, but documenting what the people he encounters have to say. Called Heimathuckepack (homeland in a piggyback?!), the project website is well worth a look for the nice photos and films, the original characters, and Finn-Ole Heinrich's really rather good writing. Click on the photos at the top to get to the stuff.

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