Wednesday, 14 January 2009

God – Not a German Book Lover?

The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reports that the local Generalvikar (a top church bod whose title I will not attempt to translate) has put a stop to a series of literary readings held in St. Agnes Church, Cologne, over the past seven years.

Dominik Schwaderlapp (excellent name, shame about the opinions) argued in the parish newspaper that the church is the "innermost, most intimate area of Catholic faith," not created for "discussion events, poetry readings and concerts" but for "personal prayer, church services and particularly Eucharistic mass." Although dialogue with culture is "necessary and enriching" in his opinion, he maintained that "the church is a sacred place with a special purpose", and not the right place for such a dialogue.

The readings have featured numerous high-profile authors over the years, including Navid Kermani, Ulla Hahn and Katharina Hacker.

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David said...

Cologne's famous son (and devout Catholic) Heinrich Boell must be spinning in his grave.