Friday, 18 June 2010

Kehlmann's Fame Takes Prix Cervenne Du Roman Européen

The French have a prize for the best European novel, and have awarded it to Daniel Kehlmann's Ruhm (Fame, as Carol Brown Janeway's forthcoming will be called). Boyd Tonkin waxes lyrical about it and makes me feel rather envious that I'm not on any international literary prize juries in today's Independent. You can also see photos of Kehlmann and his lovely French translator Juliette Aubert at the official award website. Nice to see a translator basking in the limelight and EU arts funding.

You can read my review here. I must say my memory of the book has faded very fast indeed and all my brain can conjure up about it now is the fact that I found it vaguely disappointing.


Jan Groh said...

No rant on Kehlmann here (although it's hard to keep my fingers from the keyboard), but the double chin isn't doing him any favour being only 35.

kjd said...

Now now, let's not judge a book by its cover (and note my lack of comment on the French cover you can see on the award website).