Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New New Books in German

There's a brand spanking new edition of New Books in German online. Now, the magazine has always been a joy to read for nerdy German book lovers. But they just keep on making it better and better! This issue brings us the usual crop of recommendations for translation - children's books, new fiction and non-fiction and a "forgotten gem" by Remarque. And wait - there's more! Features upon features, from an interview with one of my translatorly heroes Sir John E. Woods to Donal McLaughlin on Swiss writing to a piece by one of my publishing heroes, Naveen Kishore of Seagull Books. A brief quote to give you an idea:

I do not have a pre-plan, I simply make myself available ... like the blotting paper of old, I soak in conversations, listen to authors already on my list, converse with translators, listen some more to academic friends around the world, travel, talk to publishers and sometimes blindly agree to be led into a world of literature that they are familiar with.

And for those who don't read German, there's an interesting list of new and forthcoming translations. Is it just me, or are things looking up? All these exciting writers, projects and publishers, all these great books coming out of the German-speaking world. It's enough to make a German book lover's heart race.

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LizzySiddal said...

Fantastic edition of "New Books" .... Just when I'd decided to buy nothing else until the New Year .....