Monday, 4 October 2010

NYT Outdoes Itself

Amazingly, the New York Times managed to run two articles mentioning the word translation on one day. I know... I've heard the excuse (from a different media outlet) "Sorry, we've already had a piece about translation this week." But maybe my article was just crap.

First up there's a slightly rambling op-ed that everybody's loving: Michael Cunningham writes about being translated and the writing process.

And then they've done something very clever and asked a translator to review a translated book. And not just any old translator and any old book, oh no! It's Tim Mohr on Daniel Kehlmann, translated by Carol Brown Janeway. And my, does he get his teeth into the translation. And into Daniel Kehlmann too. I enjoyed every word. The only thing is, I'm hideously envious of Tim Mohr for being able to write "Tim Mohr is a translator and a former Berlin club D.J." in his byline. Mine would have to say "Katy Derbyshire is a translator and hideously envious of Tim Mohr."

Thanks to David and Harvey (and Shelley and Isabel and Susan) for the links.

Anyway, these two articles will help to while away the time before the German Book Prize is announced today at nineteen-hundred hours CET (which you can listen to on a Deutschlandfunk livestream at I'm incredibly, terribly, knee-shakingly excited about it, and I'm just going to hide away my two favourites in this unrelated post:

Thomas Lehr's September and Peter Wawerzinek's Rabenmutter.

You'll hear more from me on this subject this evening.

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