Thursday, 7 April 2011

Translate Sabrina Janesch at the BCLT Summer School

This is your big chance to translate the delightful and very talented Sabrina Janesch, author of Katzenberge. Just sign up for the British Centre of Literary Translation's summer school at the end of July, and you get to spend a whole week translating her in a workshop led by the equally talented and almost as delightful Shaun Whiteside.

I attended one of these amazin events a few years ago, and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone fluent enough in German (or indeed Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Spanish) to want to translate literature. It's a pretty once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work closely with a particular writer - only in fact, it comes around once a year! Plus, you meet other translation freaks and professional translators and the food is incredible. I swear I came away several pounds heavier than I arrived.

The only drawback is the whopping pricetag, which I can't afford any more. There are, however, a number of 50% bursaries available.

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