Monday, 23 May 2011

How To Get Your Name in a Book

There are several ways to get your name in a book. You could become one of those crazed serial killers who get gruesome true crime books written about them. You could launch a celebrity career and get someone to ghostwrite your memoirs. You could write your own book. You could translate a book. You could marry a writer and get him or her to dedicate their next book to you.

All rather time-consuming though, I'm sure you'll agree. So you'll be very glad to hear there's now a much faster way to get your name in a book: simply subscribe to And Other Stories. True to their philosophy of involving editors, readers, translators, critics, literary promoters and academics in their decision-making processes, And Other Stories give you quite some buck for your subscription bang:

  • uniquely numbered, limited first edition copies
  • you will be thanked by name as a subscriber in the next 2 or 4 (depending on subscription) books we print
  • you will be warmly invited to contribute to our plans and choice of future books
  • and you will have that warm glow of knowing you have made the publishing of these books possible.
Isn't that sweet of them? You also need to know that your name could thereby be in the same book as my name! And I'm sorry, but if that doesn't give you palpitations I don't know what will. Because as I may have mentioned in the past, And Other Stories are publishing my translation of Clemens Meyers' short stories, All the Lights. Plus three other stunning books this year with a strong translation focus. And your name in them. All for £35.

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