Friday, 30 September 2011

Aspekte Prize to Eugen Ruge

Last year's Aspekte Prize for best debut novel went to the wonderful Dorothee Elmiger for Einladung an die Waghalsigen. Which I promptly translated because I loved it so very, very much. So for a taste of dystopian debut fiction, do read Invitation to the Bold of Heart. You can also watch a toe-curlingly embarrassing video of Dorothee receiving the award from Germany's new self-crowned regent of TV literature, Wolfgang "The Yawn" Herles at ZDF. Who now has the top spot on a show called Das Blaue Sofa. I haven't watched it but reviews have not been good. I'm still waiting for someone to ask me and my office mate Rasha Khayat to host a literature show. For which I will wear a dress made of silver sequins that I saw at the shops yesterday but didn't buy. We will also refrain from using violin music in the background.

Anyway, enough of the plugs. This year's Aspekte Prize has gone to Eugen Ruge for his amazing novel In Zeiten des Abnehmenden Lichts. Huzzah! It too will be available in English at some point.


Glenn said...

Has the Ruge already been picked up by a UK publisher? my girlfriend's reading it, but her German is better than mine. lots lots better.

kjd said...

I'm not sure but a little bird tells me yes.