Saturday, 28 January 2012

Something for the Weekend

I shall be away for a week. In the meantime, why not read the Festival Neue Literatur reader? Six translated extracts for your delectation - either to make you feel better about not being able to attend or to psych you up for the big day.

I'm invited to a Happy Hour on 9 February at the Goethe-Institut New York but I can't go (wrong continent) - so if anyone wants to pretend to be me, just go ahead and hope you don't run into anyone I know.


Daniel said...

So you won't be in New York for the FNL? *sad face*

kjd said...

No! The weirdest thing - nobody wanted to pay my fare for me. And I'm too poor, sadly. Maybe if I start saving I can come next year.

Daniel said...

I'm going instead to that thing right near there tonight (at McNally Jackson on Prince St.) ... the fellow who designed the covers for the Schocken re-issues of Kafka is going to be talking design.

As for Goethe ... hm. Maybe if I dress in drag...?


kjd said...

Hmm, your profile gives no real impression of whether you could pass for me in drag. So just try it and put on an English accent. And don't talk for too long to anyone I know.