Thursday, 19 April 2012

AOS German-Language Reading Group

You may be aware of the new British publishing house And Other Stories, which works with reading groups to isolate excellent books for translation. They write:
And Other Stories reading groups have been instrumental in unearthing a number of great books to publish in English. Each recent group has thrown up one or two books we are seriously considering as titles we could publish. Call it a book club or reading group – it’s about the same thing: talking about books that a bunch of people have read.
My colleague Amanda Demarco and I are now setting up a group in Berlin to discuss three German-language novels:

Nino Haratischwili's Mein sanfter Zwilling

Katharina Faber's Fremde Signale

and Angelika Klüssendorf's Das Mädchen.

We'll be meeting up on the last Monday of every month to discuss one book per session. And there'll be a preliminary meeting on Monday, 30 April at 7 p.m. at Dialogue Books in Kreuzberg. Please come along if you're interested in joining in or have any questions. We have a number of reading copies to share out and look forward to seeing you. Anyone is welcome, whether English or German-speakers. And there'll also be an opportunity to read along with us elsewhere and comment on the books via the AOS website, plus one London meeting to discuss the same titles in August.


David said...

I read Klüssendorf's novel and agree it should be find a wider audience. It's an East German version of Dorothy Alison's "Bastard out of Carolina".

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