Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Call to Arms

So last night was our preliminary meeting for the And Other Stories German-language reading group in Berlin. Check the link for information on the books and writers we'll be looking at over the coming months. The idea is to run it in Berlin as a regular reading group, looking at each book on its own merits at a separate session. Then at our final session we'll also be skyping from Berlin to the simultaneous one-off London meeting to discuss all three together. How amazing is that? I do love the internet.

Anyway, my excellent partner-in-crime Amanda DeMarco and I were extremely pleased with the turnout, a whole bunch of enthusiastic booklovers, especially as some of them we didn't even know personally! Random booklovers - how fantastic is that? But there was one tiny teeny thing that made us sad, and that was that there was only one German native-speaker among them.

Now I know you German native-speakers can be quite shy and retiring, and you might feel a bit put off about talking about German books in a room full of English speakers. But really, you still ought to come along. We'd value your input and you're welcome to speak German, we really don't mind as long as you don't mind us speaking English. And we promise not to be rude about German books. I know you're out there, and you know you want to come. As Holly Johnson said.

So feel free to turn up to our actual discussion sessions at Dialogue Books, starting on Monday, 28 May. Get in touch with AOS via the link above if you have any questions. You'll love it once you get started.

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