Saturday, 1 December 2012

And Other Stories Reading Group Mark II

This announcement comes a little late, perhaps, but you know what they say.

We have another reading group up and running in Berlin and London for the world's most exciting publishing project, And Other Stories. The idea, in case you don't know, is that we read three books written in German with the aim of recommending one of them for translation. This time we collected suggestions from all kinds of people and came up with three titles:

Silke Scheuermann: Die Stunde zwischen Hund und Wolf

Antje Rávic Strubel: Sturz der Tage in die Nacht

Katrin Röggla: die alarmbereiten

We, uh, already started without you - but the next Berlin meeting is to discuss book 2, on 10 December, followed by book 3 on 14 January in Berlin - and the London meeting is also on 14 January. Last time around we were really pleased to receive a good deal of comments online, and it'd be great if people could do that again. So here's all the information in one place to help you with that. We'd need your opinions by 14 January.

If you are in Berlin, we have reading copies and PDFs and our meetings are quite short and always a totally nerdy pleasure. They're mostly in English but not exclusively so, and we'd love it if you came along. My partner-in-crime Amanda DaMarco explained how it all works in Publishing Perspectives


sally said...

Hello! Just to clarify: is 'die alarmbereiterin' the third book for discussion? (The And Other Stories page has them listed in another order.) I would love to read-along, but probably won't be able to get a copy to NZ by mid-Jan! Greetings from Wellington, S

kjd said...

Hi Sally,

Yes, sorry for not making that clear. On Monday we're discussing Der Sturz... and in January die alarmbereiten.

Best from Berlin, K

Matt der Buchhändler said...

Will there be another reading group in 2014?

kjd said...

Hi Matt,

No, we're not planning one. AOS is up and running smoothly now, with follow-up novels from writers they've published previously to bring out, etc.

Matt, der Buchhändler said...

Ah, that's a shame though. I should read blogs I like (such as this one) a bit more often. I tend to binge-read them about once every 7 months, or when I hear their protagonist on Radio 4 / Deutschlandradio / notice them on the Tagesspiegel website when I'm trying, desperately, not to read the comments.

kjd said...

You should, Matt, you should.

Matt said...

I should, but I won't. I've just enjoyed a number of your Drinking With Writers articles.

I had managed to verdräng the ceiling decoration of Papenfuß' Spielunke "Rumbalotte" (Continua) and had also (apart from this) noticed on the few occasions I'd been in there that it seemed to be kind-of-anti-women, without being quite able to put a finger on the reason why.

kjd said...

The funny thing is, I went there again recently, this time with a man, and we stood at the bar, and everyone was really really friendly and nice.