Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Learn to Write this Summer in Berlin

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Summer in Berlin - it's hot and steamy and you'd only overheat if you just lounged around in the park, right? And you've always wanted to do a week's intensive writing course in a chilled location. The Reader are offering that in three different flavours. Like ice cream. Travel writing and memoir with the excellent Rory MacLean and Kimberly Bradley (whom I don't actually know) plus a reading by top talented writer Greg Baxter once it cools down in the evening. Imaginative writing with Tod "very good, also very funny" Wodicka and super fiction babe Clare Wigfall, with that mild evening event featuring Julian Gough, who's also pretty impressive. Or scriptwriting with Donna Sharpe and CJ Hopkins. I don't know either of them though, sorry.

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It's very hot here today and all of my flat gets full-on afternoon sun (apart from the bathroom). If I was interested in writing I would gladly pay €350 to spend a week elsewhere.

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