Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Call for Submissions - no man's land #8

Contemporary German-language fiction and poetry in English translation.
Deadline: September 15, 2013.

no man’s land, the online journal for contemporary German literature in translation at www.no-mans-land.org, is seeking submissions for its 2013 issue.

For prose, send up to 3 texts (stories or self-contained novel excerpts, max. 4,000 words each) by one or different contemporary* writers. For poetry, send work by up to 3 poets, each to a maximum of 5 poems. Electronic submissions only. No simultaneous submissions, please, and – with some possible exceptions** – no previously-published translations. The deadline is September 15, 2013, and we will inform contributors by mid-October 2013; the issue will go online by mid-December. We regret that we are unable to offer honoraria.

Please include your contact information, biographical and publication information (for both translator and author) and a copy of the original. Also, please provide proof of permission from the original publisher and/or author – whoever holds the rights to the piece (this could be a scanned letter, or forward us an e-mail).

Please send submissions electronically to Isabel Cole at isabel@no-mans-land.org.

To save time and avoid misplacing your work, we ask that you observe the following guidelines for electronic submissions:

1)     Submit all texts (poems or prose) by one author in the same file (i.e. not a separate file for each poem).
2)     Name the file with your translation as follows: pr for prose, ly for poetry_your last name_the author’s last name_e. So Anthea Bell’s translation of prose by E. T. A. Hoffmann would be: pr_bell_hoffmann_e.doc. Name the file with the original the same way, but ending with _dt (pr_bell_hoffmann_dt.doc). Stephen Mitchell’s translation of Rilke poems would be ly_mitchell_rilke_e.doc, and the original would be ly_mitchell_rilke_dt.doc.

Apologies if this sounds complicated, but it really is a great help!

For more information, see our “Translators’ Tips” on the no man’s land website, and feel free to contact us at the above e-mail address.

We look forward to reading your work!

The Editors, no man’s land

*Defined more or less as writers currently active, or active in the later 20th/early 21st century. When in doubt, query!

** We are willing to make exceptions for translations that have appeared previously in very limited circulation and that we feel deserve a new audience. Again, please feel free to query.


Giora said...

It's sound complicated so let me ask a question. I am a Canadian author who wrote a book in English set partly in Germany. The heroine is 17 yrs old Petra from Hamburg. I also wrote it as a theater play and have the first half translated into German. Can I submit some pages from novel in English, or some pages from my Theater Play in German? Thanks and click on my name to check more about my America-Germany novel.

kjd said...

Dear Giora,

No, I'm afraid what we publish is translations of German writing into English.

Good luck,


Thorsten Nesch said...

Dear Katy,

2 translatations are just out as ebooks

award winning german novel
nomination best german YA debut

german novel getting turned in to a radioplay by Johannes Steck

...but have truely a very little anglophone circulation.
just to be on the sure side, I can submit excerpts, right?

i d be very happy to send the files to you.

cheers, thorsten

kjd said...

Sorry to take so long to reply, Thorsten. In the past, we've published similar things - so you can submit. It's not clear who translated your books though, so I would add that in our experience, pieces translated by their own authors don't make it into the magazine.

Thorsten Nesch said...

better late than never! thank you for getting back - and, no, i didnt dare to translate my own stories, the translator of JOY is david fermer, and the translator of LOCO is myriam gerber.
i just submitted THE LOCOMOTIVE.
cheers, thorsten