Thursday, 1 August 2013

Contemporary German Fiction 101

I am launching a new venture! It's an evening course in Berlin with The Reader, designed especially for English-speaking readers who want an introduction to what's being written in German right now. We'll be reading contemporary short stories in German and talking about them in English. Obviously the chosen texts haven't yet been translated, so there'll be no cheating. But they should offer a gateway into today's German fiction.

I got the idea because English-speaking literary people quite often ask me what to read in German. I know there are plenty who mean to get round to it, any day now, as soon as they find the time, definitely this year. So the class will give you a little nudge to overcome your inneren Schweinehund.

It'll be Monday nights in Mitte for seven weeks, starting 26 August. I'm charging €100 for my guidance and expertise. All the details are available at The Reader Berlin's website - and that's where you go to sign up, too. Please do.

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click clack gorilla said...

This sounds lovely. Too bad I don't live anywhere near Berlin. Damn.