Friday 27 June 2014

Late Summer's German Book Crop

There are four German novels I'm really excited about telling you about, but none of them are out yet. I'm so excited about all of them, though, that I'm just going to tell you what they are:

Robert Seethaler: Ein ganzes Leben (released 28 July) – one man's life in 160 pages

Judith Hermann: Aller Liebe Anfang (released 14 August) – her first novel, an anti-love story

Olga Grjasnowa: Die juristische Unschärfe einer Ehe (released 25 August) – love, sex, ballet and Azerbaijan

Lutz Seiler: Kruso (released 6 September) – another first novel from a very accomplished writer, the summer of 89 on an East German island.

That's it. My fingers are itching to review them all.

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Unknown said...

Interested in the Judith Hermann - loved 'Sommerhouse...', wasn't keen on '...Gespenster' and quite liked 'Alice' :)