Wednesday 20 August 2014

Sorry To Bang On About David Wagner*

I feel like I'm banging my own drum rather a lot right now, but in this case it's also David Wagner's drum, so maybe it's OK. There are three new David-Wagner-in-English things to share:

Kate Müser did an interview with him for Deutsche Welle about his relationship to Berlin, and also recommends Berlin Triptych and three other great German books in English translation.

Monocle 24 Radio is airing a piece by Susan Stone about David (and Berlin, and me, and Readux Books) at 8 p.m. CET on Monday 25 August on their Culture programme. They'll repeat it a couple of times after that (find it in their schedule).

And if you're in Berlin, you lucky person you, you can catch David and me live in person at a reading on Saturday, 13 September, with Eliot Weinberger and Maren Kames, at the Circus Hostel. Here's the pretty flyer. See you there, then.

*I've just capitalized every word in the headline. Everything else looked odd and required too much consideration of grammar. I know it's not correct but I'm very tired today.

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