Sunday, 17 August 2008


Although you might think I've given up reading German books, judging by the number of reviews up here recently, that's not actually the case. Obviously, I would never do such a thing voluntarily. There are two reasons for this occasional dearth:

a) Very rarely, I read German books that turn out to be not very good. As my life's purpose consists in persuading people that all German books are wonderful, it would make little sense for me to post a review that goes: "Well, I made it to the end but it left me feeling strangely empty and wishing I hadn't bothered after all." Even I have to admit there are a few duds out there.

b) Sometimes I have to read other German books for work. For various reasons, I don't tend to post about them here either.

So please don't worry. Following an unfortunate spate of reason a), I am now in the middle of a bizarre but - I think - very good German book, but have had to interrupt my reading on account of reason b). Normal service will be resumed as soon as humanly possible.

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