Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Reading Grant for German Book Lovers

Ever wanted to spend three weeks just reading German books? With no distractions, no work to be done, no cleaning and tidying, no friends coming round to bother you?

Now you can get a grant from the Austrian city of Graz to do just that this November. According to the FAZ, one of the city's culture magazines is sponsoring one lucky reader to spend three weeks in a holiday apartment there, reading ten books of their choice. Three have to come from small German-language publishers and five have to be written by German-language writers who are still alive. Plus you get €1,100 spending money. See Schreibkraft for more details. I suspect you have to pay your own fares there though, so it might be less lucrative if you live in Japan or Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

Is the apartment a locked cellar? And do two of the books have to be by Elfriede Jelinek?