Saturday, 28 February 2009


New Yorker! Get thee to the Krautgarden loft (and the Austrian Cultural Forum)! For literary delights await you.

For the fourth consecutive year, the good people of New York and Leipzig can indulge their reading palates with a selection of the finest young writers from Germany, Austria and the USA, courtesy of the very busy and hard-working Krautgardeners. The fun starts in NY on 4 March, followed by Leipzig on the 13th and 14th. I'll report back on that part at least, although a quick trip to Lower East Side is beyond my means.

Names on the programme include - take a deep breath -
Steven Bloom, T. C. Boyle, Michael Connelly, Adam Davies, Junot Diaz, John Griesemer, Christian Hawkey, Aleksandar Hemon, Christopher Kloeble, Thomas Klupp, Benjamin Lebert, Tao Lin, A. Wallis Lloyd, Ralph Martin, Robert Meeropol, Ruth Nestvold, Thomas Pletzinger, Steffen Popp, Verena Roßbacher, Daniela Seel, Clemens Setz, Anya Ulinich, Willy Vlautin, Tod Wodicka, Uljana Wolf, Anna Winger and Ron Winkler.

Incidentally, the ACF's magazine Transforum (great name, huh?) includes wee features on Verena Rossbacher and Clemens Setz. And you can find pieces in English by Thomas Pletzinger and Anna Winger if you scout about a bit on the Berlin Stories website. Winger, Wodicka and Hawkey, by the way, are all at least part-time Berliners, part of the city's burgeoning English-language writing community.


David said...

I'm in NYC once a month, but unfortunately not this week!

As a sort of consolation, though, the NYTimes Book section today has a review of Michael Hofmann's translation of Hans Fallada's "Jeder stirbt fuer sich allein". As a bonus, Melville House is releasing two other novels of Fallada in English translation.

kjd said...

What a shame, David. I suspect the event may be rather far removed from Fallada though...