Friday, 6 February 2009

Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair - Nominations

Germany's biggest literary award of the spring season has announced its nominees for fiction, non-fiction and translation.

The fiction nominations are:

Wilhelm Genazino: Das Glück in glücksfernen Zeiten (Carl Hanser Verlag)

Reinhard Jirgl: Die Stille (Carl Hanser Verlag)

Daniel Kehlmann: Ruhm. Ein Roman in neun Geschichten (Rowohlt Verlag)

Sibylle Lewitscharoff: Apostoloff (Suhrkamp Verlag)

Andreas Maier: Sanssouci (Suhrkamp Verlag)

Julia Schoch: Mit der Geschwindigkeit des Sommers (Piper Verlag)

You can read extracts from the novels on the website of the award, and there are some rather nice audiofiles at Literaturport.

Three of the titles (Jirgl, Schoch, Lewitscharoff) aren't available in bookshops yet, but will be when they announce the winners on 12 March. Which makes the voting at Zeit Online a little unfair.

I'll do my best to report on the ceremony. And the programme for my favourite book fair will be announced in six days' time. I'm counting down the hours.

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