Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dear Charlotte Roche,

How's things? I hear Wetlands is doing pretty well in the UK, if not quite matching up to the huge German sales figures. But still not bad for a translation. And coming out in the US in a couple of weeks, eh? That should be exciting. Will you be going over to promote the launch?

Anyway, I thought I'd call your attention to a couple of reviews from North America. The first is by a Canadian sex columnist, who likes the book. The best thing about it, though, is that the reviewer's name is Josey Vogels and it's published in the National Post's "Afterword" column - now I know you're giggling at that.

And I really recommend you read this, the most rambling and entertaining and philosophical review I have yet read of the book (by Justin E. H. Smith in N1BR). I think you'll find it funny and revealing, if not particularly flattering. And cheaper than a shrink. You'll be especially tickled by the guy's bemusement at the downright (or upright) healthiness of young Germans' sexuality and his comments on the proto-Germanic nature of English swearwords.

And you probably know the Complete Review's review, which has been out there a while now. But just in case, it's a good one too. And they keep comparing it to The Kindly Ones, funnily enough.

Anyway, keep your pecker up and carry on camping.

All the best,


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