Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Hiatus

I'm not blogging this week, as you may have noticed. That's because I'm taking part in the international translators' programme at the Literary Colloquium Berlin. This year there are 36 translators from 27 countries, ranging from Thailand to Finland, and we've been blasted morning, noon and night with information on German-language literature, readings, informal discussion sessions and even less formal meals and drinks with writers. If you translate out of German, I can't encourage you enough to apply next year. I've been lucky enough to take part a few times because I live in Berlin, and it's always been an inspiring event that leaves me physically exhausted but mentally raring to go.

Tomorrow we're all off to the Leipzig Book Fair. If you're there too you could watch me nursing my hangover on this panel all about the translators' programme and German-language literature around the world. It's at 10.30 on Friday morning, so don't expect rocket science.

As ever, I can't wait for the book fair. Leipzig for me is perfect - a book fair with a bare minimum of business meetings and maximum literary input. In fact I've been blowing Leipzig's trumpet for so long and so loudly that I run into more and more people I know every time I go there. Ten zillion readings in a smallish, friendly city, parties where you don't even have to gatecrash, a big glittery book prize announcement everyone can watch - and kids dressed up as Japanese killer princesses.

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