Sunday, 10 February 2013

Masterclasses and Translating Sex

London is rather nice in the spring, you know. And if you're going anyway you could sign up for a translation masterclass at the London Review Bookshop, in collaboration with the British Centre for Literary Translation. Here's what they say:
Each half-day session focuses on a single language and will be structured around close work on texts sent in advance to participants. Discussion will centre on the differences in approach evident in variant translations of the same texts. Participants should have a good working knowledge of the language and will be invited to prepare their own translations of the texts under discussion.
The workshop leaders are pretty stellar, too: Edith Grossman, Anthea Bell, Howard Curtis... and at  £75 a pop the sessions are affordable compared to longer affairs. 

Plus, not only to grab your attention, the bookshop is hosting a live translation event on Translating 
Sex. Out of French, naturellement. With two babes of the translation world, Polly McLean and 
Adriana Hunter, going head to head on a specially commissioned saucy short story by Emma 
Becker. With Sarah Ardizzone in the middle, they'll explore the delights of translating erotic fiction,  getting down to the nitty gritty of sexy voice and vocabulary. Then the next day both lovely ladies will give a masterclass (each) to let you have a go at doing it too.

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