Thursday, 14 February 2013

SAND Translation Competition Winners

Here come the judge!

Order in the courtroom. The results of the SAND translation competition for under-30s have been announced. It says here:
Judge Katy Derbyshire chose Allison M. Charette’s story “Big” for its fully-formed, naturally fluent feel and well-rendered dialogue. The story is a novel excerpt from Grosse by Isabelle Rivoal. (...)
Catherine Hales was impressed by Julia Sanches’ translations of Ana Martins Marques’ poetry from A vida submarina (The Subaquatic Life) and Da arte das armadilhas (On the Art of Traps). She especially liked the sense of quietness at the heart of the poems, their poise and perfect pitch in the language.
I made them wipe all the names off the entries so I could perform my judging duties impartially. We'll be all workshopping together some time in the spring. Congratulations!

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