Friday, 30 January 2009

Chez Max

Fans of unusual crime fiction have something to look forward to in March - the English translation of Jakob Arjouni's Chez Max (in the capable hands of Anthea Bell).

I very much enjoyed the book when I read it about two years ago. It is set in a dark society where cigarettes and illegal immigrants are dangerous contraband. According to Arjouni, it was inspired by America's reaction to 9/11, and that certainly shows. Great characters, especially the protagonist - a real nasty piece of work.

If you're part of the easyjetset, you may have read a nice little interview with the author in November's in-flight mag. If you're not, you can still read it here.

No Exit Press has published several of his previous books in English, and you can read two extracts translated by Anthea Bell on Words Without Borders.

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