Friday, 6 February 2009

That Kehlmann Again

The Literary Saloon provides a handy English summary of a legal dispute over Spiegel magazine's pre-embargo review of Kehlmann's Ruhm. It seems nobody is willing to say how the publishers worded it, but they tried to threaten reviewers with a huge fine if they brought out reviews of the book before the date they set. And now Rowohlt have decided they have to save face by taking legal action.

As if that weren't enough, plans have been announced to make a film adaptation of Kehlmann's novel Me and Kaminski. The Observer review behind this link is titled "Funny prose, in German. Yes, really!" Yes, really. Shooting will start in autumn, with that cute little Daniel Brühl playing the lead. The director will be Wolfgang Becker, who made Goodbye Lenin and the even lovelier Das Leben ist eine Baustelle, a classic Berlin film if ever there was one.

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