Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Berlin Publishing Goes London

This year there'll be a special area at the London Book Fair for publishers from Berlin, marking twenty years since the fall of the Wall (any excuse, eh?). Mere mortals can attend an event at the Goethe Institut on Wednesday, 22 April, with various people including Volker Weidermann of the FASZ discussing writing and publishing in Berlin. Weidermann has a head full of knowledge and very impressive hair, so it could well be worth going along from a purely piliary point of view. Oh and Wolfgang Hörner seems to be on the podium too, but he has fairly normal hair. Gosh, and I've met the agent Karin Graf, the third person up there, too. I can't remember what her hair was like but she had very, very good shoes.

I'm not going, as I cleverly planned my upcoming stay in London to leave approximately two hours before all the fun starts.

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Hei Ma-黑马 said...

Great, Karin Graf used to be my agent for my two novels translated from Chinese into German:Verloren in Peking, Das Klassentrefen;Pity that she found it hard to represent foreign authors and stopped the business;anyway she is very enigmatic. Hei Ma(also a translator of Lawrence into Chinese)