Sunday, 14 March 2010

Angry Sheep

I may not be blogging much this week, as I'm one of 60 translators out of German enjoying input galore at Berlin's beautiful Literary Colloquium. From critics to writers to publishers to other translators, there's a fantastic programme designed all around German-language literature. All under the name of Angry Sheep, after Katja Lange-Müller's really rather excellent novel Böse Schafe, which has been translated into eight languages so far (not English yet!). In fact the author herself gave us a warm welcoming speech, complete with translation-themed joke, this evening.

All 60 of us will also be descending on the Leipzig Book Fair en masse as of Thursday. So expect to hear enraged bleating in Arabic, Turkish, Slovenian, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Chinese, English – pretty much any language actually – as we angry sheep spread out all over the fair. Plus, you can catch us all in the flesh in Vortragsraum 10 on Friday morning to find out about the state of play for German literature in translation.

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