Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Go There

Salonica is a blog and a website with lots and lots of stuff on it, written by former bookseller and international literature fan Monica Carter. Go there when you have time on your hands. She's just added a handy feature, a monthly list of new releases in translation in the States. From-the-German titles are Ferdinand von Schirach's Crime - recommended by Bernhard Schlink and translated by his translator Carol Janeway, if you like that kind of thing - and Thomas Bernhard's Victor Halfwit, trans. Martin Chalmers. Which is that odd creature, a children's book written by Austria's greatest ever cynic.

Carter also happens to be one of the fiction judges for the Best Translated Book Awards, and points out the longlist is coming out very soon now. So that's something to make you get up in the morning.

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