Monday, 18 July 2011

Upcoming Events

love german books is taking a holiday over the next two weeks. But you can catch me in person at a couple of translation-related events in Berlin, Edinburgh and London.

First of all I'll be talking to Thomas Pletzinger and Ross Benjamin about their book Funeral for a Dog (see my review). Wednesday, 27 July, 7 pm at Soho House Berlin - entry is free but you have to RSVP to the organisers Dialogue Books.

Then it's my first ever trip to Edinburgh, where I hope I'll be on stage with Clemens Meyer and Stuart Evers to help present my translation All the Lights. Tuesday, 16 August, 5 pm at the RBS Corner Theatre. 21st-century dirty realism, they're calling it, and I agree.

On down to London, where we have three readings in two days: Wednesday, 17 August, 6.30 pm at the European Bookshop - with Juan Pablo Villalobos and his translator Rosalind Harvey, then Thursday, 17 August, from 2 pm at the Ritter/Zamet gallery, followed by an evening do at the former East German embassy on Belgravia Square. Again, follow the link above for booking details for the London events, which are free and involve alcohol.

Incidentally, Clemens Meyer is nominated for the Newton First Book Award, which is somehow related to the Edinburgh International Book Festival. It's decided by a public vote - simply go here to cast your ballot online.


LizzySiddal said...

Look forward to meeting you in Edinburgh!

Jobs That Travel said...

I've tried reading German books and I find it hard understanding what it really means. Good thing we have Google translate..