Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Review Release Dates

I've done a very bad thing. I reviewed a book before I was supposed to, broken a temporal embargo if you like. When you get sent German books before they come out, they have a date in the front with a little note: please do not review before such and such a date. Now obviously I instantly forget this date, as I instantly forget all dates that aren't my daughter's birthday. And I just review books as and when I remember to do so.

In this case I saw Simon Urban's Plan D in a shop window and was reminded of its existence. I also saw a review of it in a magazine but instantly forgot the release date printed beneath it. Seeing as it was obviously on sale, I thought I might as well post my review. Oops!

I've now accidentally torpedoed an entire marketing strategy, according to which, ideally, hundreds of reviews will appear in the same short period, suggesting to readers that this is THE big book of the season. Obviously my thousands of readers will also be frustrated, having been so enthused by my review that they rushed out to their local bookshops, only to be told that Plan D isn't actually on sale yet (unless of course they went to my local bookshop, which seems to be being rather naughty too). My sincerest apologies. I shall attempt to maintain the impression of magical review simultaneity in future. If you rushed out to your local bookshop, I do hope you simply placed an advance order. Because your really ought to read the book. Once it's come out.

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