Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Unless of course you're in Hamburg or thereabouts and fancy a spot of youngish writing. In which case head over to the achingly named Ham.Lit next Thursday, 7 February, where you can wander between readings by Tina Uebel, Inger-Maria Mahlke, Sascha Reh, Frank Spilker, Monika Zeiner, Björn Kuhligk, Tilman Rammstedt, Kevin Kuhn, Matthias Nawrat, Silke Scheuermann, Daniela Chmelik,  Friederike Gräff, Simone Kornappel and Kerstin Preiwuß. I've been twice and had a good time both times, except that it's on a Thursday so it doesn't quite go on for long enough, especially because it's in this night club place that makes you feel like getting drunk and depraved.

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