Wednesday, 20 March 2013

On International Author-Translator Relations

My friend and fellow translator Cristina Vezzaro has a shiny new blog, called She was rather tired of translators rarely being acknowledged in reviews and so on, and so she devised a questionnaire to put to authors. It turns out that some writers are all too happy to talk about their work with translators.

The blog seems to be in several different languages. If you'd like to submit an author interview, go to the blog for a contact address. And here are the questions in English:

Have any of your books been translated? If so, into which languages?

Have you had an opportunity to meet your translator personally or make contact with him or her?

How did the meeting or the contact go?

Is it difficult for you to entrust your literary work to a translator, or do you trust them blindly?

Have you ever heard someone reading extracts from your books in another language? What was your reaction?

Do you feel you can assess the quality of a translation?

What languages would you most like to see your books translated into, and why?

What's the first thing that occurs to you when you think of the profession of literary translator?

Go ahead! Jump on the authors-translators bandwagon! It's a bit of a win-win situation all round actually, with free publicity for writers and translators. What an excellent idea.

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