Saturday, 17 August 2013

Contemporary German Fiction 101 - the Reading List

I wrote that I was offering a course on reading German writing, and now enough people have signed up for me to put the reading list together. There are still a couple of places, though, so if you've been hesitating now's the time to sign up. You can do so via The Reader Berlin. The course costs €100 for seven weeks.

We'll be meeting in Berlin-Mitte on Monday nights from 26 August. And we'll be reading short texts by:

Selim Özdogan
Deniz Utlu
Inka Parei
Clemens Meyer
David Wagner
Stefanie De Velasco
Felicitas Hoppe

As I suspected, it's turned out to be Writers Katy Likes 101 to some extent. But all the pieces offer a lot to think and talk about.


Unknown said...

I hope it's not all Writers-Katy-has-translated 101 ;)

kjd said...

Ummmm. There is some overlap. But really that's because I'm lucky enough to translate a lot of stuff I love.

What we won't be doing is reading any text I've actually translated.