Friday, 20 September 2013

Two More Shortlists: Swiss Books and Debut Novels

I'm still confused about this Swiss book prize business. There still seems to be one Swiss Book Prize run by the Swiss booksellers for which only German-language books are eligible, and one Swiss Literature Prize run by the government, for which books in the other Swiss languages can be nominated as well. 

Anyway, here are the nominations for the Swiss Book Prize:

Ralph Dutli: Soutines letzte Fahrt
Roman Graf: Niedergang
Jonas Lüscher: Frühling der Barbaren
Jens Steiner: Carambole
Henriette Vásárhelyi: immeer

The winner is announced on 27 October.

Then there's the "aspekte"-Literaturpreis, which goes to a debut novel written in German, regardless of provenance. Here's their shortlist:

Roman Ehrlich: Das kalte Jahr
Jonas Lüscher: Frühling der Barbaren
Eberhard Rathgeb: Kein Paar wie wir
Hannes Stein: Der Komet
Stefanie de Velasco: Tigermilch
Monika Zeiner: Die Ordnung der Sterne über Como

The winner is announced on the TV show that runs the award on 4 October. 

My favourites are Lüscher and de Velasco, just so you know.


practik said...

Not sure what you're insinuating with regard to the "aspekte" prize -- which books would be eligible for it if providence had played a role?


Thanks, by the way, for taking the time to explore your confusion over the Franzen/Kraus business (which genuinely was confusing); that was a fun post to read.

EP said...

I might just take a look at "Der Komet." I love this wie-wäre-es-wenn stuff. It's a bit of a farce of course (WWI never takes place), but it's all so plausible to me. Our future is dependent upon "little" things, I believe, it's certainly dependent upon "big" ones.

kjd said...

I tried it but found it not to my taste.

kjd said...

practik, by the way, your comment landed in the spam folder, apologies. It was a Freudian slip!