Friday, 2 January 2015

Amanda DeMarco Would Like to Review French and German Books

My friend Amanda DeMarco, the founder of Readux Books and general all-round impressive person, is looking to write more reviews in 2015. Here's what she wants to do, in her own words:

This year I've made a resolution to write 10-12 reviews of books translated from German and French. If you'd like to draw my attention to a forthcoming translation, here is the best way:

Please only send literary fiction and serious nonfiction, no genre literature (though I will gladly read literary sci-fi and noir)

2–6 months before the date of publication, send an email to with Author/Title (DE or FR) in the subject line

Include the publication date, publisher, and description in the body

Attach the English manuscript as an epub or pdf

I am particularly interested in Berlin esp. in den 20s, and the development of technology in the early 20th century. If relevant, mention in subject line.

An example of the sort of review I am planning to write:

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