Friday, 20 June 2008

British Not Obsessed with Nazis?

Perhaps it's not just the Nazis that the British are obsessed with. Margaret Marks is a legal translator based in Fürth, South Germany, and writes very informatively at Transblawg. And she's picked up on a little exchange between the Journal for the Study of British Cultures and the TLS, here. Two German academics point out that the TLS is full of pieces about war, and the TLS admits that, yes, it's true. Not without displaying a little (tongue-in-cheek?) anti-German sentiment, mind you. So maybe my paranoia is unnecessary. It's not the Nazis they're obsessive about, it's the war, stupid!

Perhaps the Germans will do their image a favour and start a nice new war. That might distract people from Adolf & Co - but what shall we poor translators do then?

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