Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Georg Büchner Prize for Josef Winkler

According to the Kurier newspaper, the Austrian author Josef Winkler has been awarded the most prestigious literary prize for German-language writers, the Georg Büchner Prize. See also an English-language report in The Local. I'm very pleased for him - I've met him briefly and have translated a piece he wrote, although not for publication. I can say he's a very talented and courteous man.

He writes rather dark, compelling fiction centering on his bleak rural childhood, oppressive Catholicism, homosexuality and an overbearing father-figure. Oh, and death too. So pretty Austrian, then. But he has also looked at Rome and India, including cremation rituals and globalisation themes. And you can read his novel The Serf, translated by Michael Mitchell, in English. Ariadne Books also offer his essay Flowers for Jean Genet, translated by Michael Roloff.


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