Friday, 24 July 2009

Peirene on the Bachmann Prize

Having neglected to write anything of note on the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize for upcoming writers during my absence, please allow me to make up for it by linking to a charming account straight from the horse's mouth on the blog of the upcoming publishing company Peirene Press (scroll down a bit). I'm looking forward to Peirene's first book, F C Delius's Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman, translated from German by Jamie Bulloch.

You can read Martin Chalmers' translation from the winning piece by Jens Petersen here (and a small amount of jiggery-pokery will take you to the other texts too).


Meike Ziervogel said...

Hi Kathy,
thank you for linking to Peirene and my spiel on the Bachmann Preis. Your blog is a gem. I've put it on the Peirene links list.
(by the way: it's Peirene not Pereine)

kjd said...

Oops, so sorry. I'll correct it right away.