Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dangerous Translations

Quick! If you're in London you can still book for an event about translating smutty stuff at the South Bank Centre on Wednesday night. Featuring Shaun Whiteside and Polly McLean. Oh, and I see it's a live translation slam. I really want to see how a live translation slam works some day.


Anonymous said...

Well, if a translator is professional he/she will translate anything, no matter how smutty!

I know of a good London translation services company if ever you need it for ANY type of document.

kjd said...

Dear anonymous advertiser,

I beg to differ. If a translator is a professional she or he will consider carefully whether he or she can do a good job on the text or it would be better off in somebody else's hands.

The simplest example being - do I have any expertise or even basic understanding concerning car engines? No? Then I'd better not translate the manual.