Friday, 24 June 2011

That Kämmerlings' List

A commenter asked me to post Richard Kämmerlings' list of ten good books that deal with the present day from the past twenty years, from his book Das kurze Glück der Gegenwart, which I reviewed here.

So here it is in chronological order:

Marcel Beyer, Flughunde (1995) (published as The Karnau Tapes in 1997, trans. John Brownjohn)
Ingo Schulze, Simple Storys (1998) (Simple Stories, 2002, trans. John E. Woods)
Rainald Goetz, Abfall für alle (1999)
Thomas Lehr, Nabokovs Katze (1999)
Christoph Peters, Stadt Land Fluss (1999)
Annett Gröschner, Moskauer Eis (2000)
Martin Kluger, Abwesende Tiere (2002)
Ernst-Wilhelm Händler, Wenn wir sterben (2002)
Terézia Mora, Alle Tage (2004) (Day In Day Out, 2007, trans. Michael Henry Heim)
Clemens J. Setz, Die Frequenzen (2009)

Three translations out of ten is not bad at all.


David said...

No Clemens Meyer "Als wir träumten"?

I'm just now reading Schulze's "Storys"

Jochen said...

no comment.

kjd said...

@David: No Clemens Meyer in the top ten, but he does of course mention him.

@Jochen: I think you'll find that was a comment.