Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Generation Germany Goes UK

Brits! March is the month to catch outstanding German writers on your very own turf! To wit:  Clemens Meyer at Edinburgh's Wee Red Bar on 13 March and Leeds Central Library on the 14th. And before that, Jan Brandt at UCL with Joe Dunthorne and Philip Oltermann under the teeth-hurting title of Generation X Reflects on 7 March.

Clemens Meyer is a super-talented writer with a penchant for all things gloomy. You can – no, you should – read my translation of his short stories All the Lights, to discover how excellent writing lifts you out of a gloom. Joe Dunthorne has written an impressive, witty, entertaining short novel about growing up in Wales which has been made into a film. Jan Brandt has written an impressive, witty, entertaining very long novel about growing up in East Frisia which has been somehow made into a live radio play. Philip Oltermann has written a book I haven't read yet about Anglo-German encounters. 

I believe Mr Brandt will also be holding public readings in Oxford and Cambridge. And also hanging out with students in London. Mr Meyer will no doubt also be out and about sampling the delights of Edinburgh. So keep your eyes peeled!


Charlotte Ryland said...

Hello Katy!
Here are the details of Jan Brandt's Oxford reading:

Tuesday 28th Feb, 5pm, Lincoln College

James Neville said...

Hi Katy. Congrats on your prize. Jan Brandt gave you a big shout out at yesterday's event @ UCL! Well done + thanks for posting about that event.

kjd said...

Hi James,

Glad you enjoyed it!