Friday, 24 February 2012

Hooray for Tim Mohr

May I call your attention to an article in the Wiener Zeitung about the US translator Tim Mohr? Actually it's not altogether fresh, because when I first read it I was so envious of Mr Mohr that I had to spend two weeks sulking. A lovely, ethusiastic two-page piece about him, written by Klaus Stimeder, whose essay "Hier ist Berlin" Mohr seems to have translated. Because the world's been waiting for "the definitive essay" about Berlin, especially in English. Whatever. Mohr seems to be also writing a book about punk rock in the GDR, which is cool because there really isn't anything much about that in English. And everyone tells me he's delightful and really cool and a good DJ, and he translates Charlotte Roche and Alina Bronsky, and he slagged off Daniel Kehlmann, and I really shouldn't be as envious as I am.

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