Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Go-Ahead for Erika Fuchs Museum

Erika Fuchs was probably the most influential translator in postwar Germany - she edited and translated the Disney comic Micky-Maus for many years, introducing a characteristic style that made a huge impression on colloquial German. Fuchs died in 2005, and now the local council of Schwarzenbach an der Saale has given the green light for the Erika-Fuchs-Haus, a museum of her legacy.

I'm not aware of any other museums dedicated to translators, and this one looks like it'll be an amazing experience. I downloaded the design concept from behind the previous link, and am now rather excited. As well as rooms focusing at the history of comics, the Donald Duck universe, Erika Fuchs herself and a comic library, one of the largest spaces will look at translating comics. I pretty much fell in love with it when I spotted the "onomatopoeic cabinet" but there's all manner of fun in store, with a chance for visitors to try their hand at comic translation, games such as an alliteration competition and seats in the shape of words invented by Erika Fuchs.

Building work starts in the summer, according to the dpa report.


Anonymous said...

But why did she translate "Dollar" to "Taler"??


kjd said...

Why? I assume she felt that Donald Duck-Land or whatever it was called in English should be an abstract kind of place with an abstract kind of currency, rather than identifying as America.