Sunday, 4 March 2012

Where Is The D'oh! Button?

Admirably, The Guardian has published a translation of Günter Grass' poem in memory of his editor, the translator Helmut Frielinghaus. Unfortunately, they have failed to credit the translator.

Update: The print edition does actually credit the translator - it is the hugely talented Breon Mitchell.


Harvey Morrell said...

You mean this D'oh button?

M. Lynx Qualey said...


I know this isn't an appropriate place for it, but I'm looking for your email address. Is there a way to contact you?

Oh, and oddly enough, when you search Twitter for "love german books katy derbyshire," they suggest you follow Nick Clegg. The official Nick Clegg account, no less.

kjd said...

Hi M.,

You can mail me at katy at interalia dot de.

Nick Clegg and I are identical twins, so that explains the confusion.


kjd said...

And thanks Harvey!! That only gave me very slight brain damage.