Thursday, 3 May 2012

Uhrmann, Frisch, Bernofsky

There's an online literary journal I wasn't aware of, which goes by the tongue-twisting name of fwriction : review. And now they have a piece of oppressive fiction set in Belgrade by the Austrian writer Erwin Uhrmann, translated by Shelley Frisch and taken from his novel Der lange Nachkrieg. Which would be lovely enough as it is, having come out of the recent Festival Neue Literatur in New York. But what makes me really very happy is that they also have two interviews on their accompanying blog, firstly with La Shelley herself - who is remarkably brief, not at all the loquacious Ms Frisch I know and love - and secondly with Susan Bernofsky, who curated the festival and is of course a translator in her own right.

The "Translator Trio" interview looks set to become a regular feature, tackling translator invisibility in a truly admirable way. And they also have a cute playlist, with Erwin Uhrmann suggesting Marlene Dietrich to go with the once-glamorous Aunt Helene in his piece.

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