Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Stewart Lee Loves German Books (possibly)

After the last post, there has been some confusion about who Stewart Lee is. Which made me hyperventilate a bit because Stewart Lee is only a really great British comedian. He's written two books of his own, one of which I have read and unfortunately given away to a budding comedian who's no longer answering my emails, and here he is talking about books.

Stewart Lee studied German literature at Birmingham University and wrote his M.A. thesis on humour in the late work of Heinrich Böll. He's a regular visitor to literary events at the Goethe Institut and will be hosting this year's St. Nicholas comedy special at the Austrian Cultural Forum London. Here's the last thing I wrote about him.

Update: The second paragraph, except for the link, is entirely made up. But maybe the ACF should do a comedy special. I believe German comedian Michael Mittermeier is performing at London's Soho Theatre very soon. If you read this, Stewart Lee, I hope not as many excited people contacted you as they did me. 

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